Welcome to TECU!


  • Become a Ministry Association Member to Access Courses

    To enroll in any TECU Degree Track, Individual Course or CEU, you first need to become a Member of our parent Ministry Association. Trinity Evangelical Christian University is a private seminary established to educate members of The United New Testament Church, International Ministry Association. Our enrollment process includes membership for qualified candidates.

  • Enroll and Complete Your Courses Online

    Once you are a Ministry Association Member, you can enroll in as many courses as you like, and complete them at your own pace 100% online.

  • Receive Your Certificate Instantly Upon Completion

    Your Certificate of Completion will be delivered to you instantly online upon completion of your course.

    If you prefer a high quality display package presented from TECU Headquarters, they are made available to all graduates for an additional premium.

Take Control of Your Spiritual Education

Complete accellerated degree and professional ministry certification programs at your own pace in a grace-filled atmosphere.
Spiritual Development is our only goal.

PMC™ Professional Ministry Certification  |  Oxford Method ™ Research-Based Seminary Degree Programs

CLEPP™ Clergy Life Experience Portfolio Program


At TECU, you will enjoy the freedom and power of many exciting distinctives we have pioneered in the field of Seminary Education.

1) Graceful Learning. First, you will notice that you are studying under a blanket covering of Grace.  Peaceful classroom environments, Agape fellowship peer interactions and low-stress educational methodologies are all key to our extraordinarily successful Graceful Learning directive.

2) Spirit-Rich Environment. You are enrolled in a school of spiritual learning, and we depend on the flow and leadership of the Holy Spirit. You take as much or as little time as you need with each assignment, subjecting yourself to the leadership and counsel of the Holy Spirit. Your educational time at TECU should be a rich soaking in the presence of the Holy Spirit, as He leads you through each day.

3) Respectful Structure. Our Self-Guided Oxford Method learning method is second to none in respecting your time, commitments and need for flexibility. The scheduling of that time can be as vastly different and varied as you are! We have no intention of taking away from the life God has given you, or the responsibilities that come along with it. Our goal is to enrich your life with spiritual maturity and understanding through the individual guidance of the Holy Spirit.

You Will Experience Biblical Lamad Learning

Welcome to TECU!  Please review the following information to learn more about the online campus, and how you can make the most of your seminary education