Clergy Life Experience Portfolio Program (CLEPP™) Enrollment

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Individuals often accumulate a substantial amount of education, training and internship experience in certain Religious fields through their service to the Church and community. TECU’s CLEPP (Clergy Life Experience Portfolio Program) awards college credit for your life experience. Trinity Evangelical Christian University has been empowering workers in the field for Christ since 1999, and we aren’t going anywhere. We verify all degrees for potential employers.

If you have already done the work through your life’s work and Ministry , you ALREADY qualify, based on your life’s experience. We DO REQUIRE two things for our files:

  1. A Comprehensive Essay outlining your life’s experience and how it relates to your degree candidacy – appended by a Resume and/or Curriculum Vitae of your life’s work – saved as ONE DOCUMENT in PDF format.
  2. This is to be emailed to our Student Affairs Office in PDF format.  ( Click here for a FREE PDF writer ) The file MUST be named like this: YOURFIRSTINITIAL.YOURLASTNAME.YOURDEGREE.pdf (Example: N.WEYANT.DOCTOROFTHEOLOGY.pdf )

Degree Programs Available Via Clergy Life Experience Portfolio Program (CLEPP™):

Bachelor of Christian Apologetics
Master of Christian Apologetics
Doctor of Christian Apologetics

Bachelor of Ministry Administration
Master of  Ministry Administration
Doctor of Ministry Administration

Bachelor of Biblical Counseling
Master of Biblical Psychology
Doctor of Biblical Psychology

Bachelor of Theology and Ethics
Master of Divinity
Doctor of Divinity

To acquire a Life Experience Degree through the Trinity Evangelical Christian University Board of Clergy Life Experience Portfolio Program (CLEPP™), based on your professional, Ministry and life experience, please complete the enrollment form below.

This will submit a one-time contribution, totaling $460 total enrollment contribution for this degree (IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED A SCHOLARSHIP, YOUR CODE IS APPLIED ON THE NEXT PAGE).

One Payment Processed Today = $460 Total Enrollment Contribution

(minus any scholarship discounts applied on the next page of the enrollment process)

Full Contribution Due Today – You Have 180 Days from Today’s Date to Upload Your Candidacy Documents

You have 180 days from the date of enrollment (today) to gather your documentation, construct and submit your Essay and CV to the Student Affairs Office as instructed above.

You do not receive your degree until your document has been uploaded and your enrollment contribution has been received.

Your enrollment contribution is non-refundable.

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