First Steps 101 – Introduction to Spirit-Anointed Learning


First Steps 101 – Introduction to Spirit-Anointed Learning

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“They were amazed at His teaching; He was teaching them as one having authority, and not as the scribes.”(Mark 1:22)

Learning is to be a time of experiencing God and sensing the life of the Holy Spirit. Learning is to be much more than a study about God. It is to be an encounter with God. This introduction teach you how to make every learning experience an encounter with the Lord, where you – and each learner you touch in the future – receives revelation and impartation from the Holy Spirit.

Discover Principles of “Spirit-Anointed Learning”

You will learn how to:

  • Provide whole-brain learning which also incorporates the heart.
  • Constantly deepen spiritual intimacy between the learner and the Lord.
  • Communicate and teach with emotion, passion and anointing.
  • Ask the right questions to stimulate anointed discussions.
  • Take students into a Bible story to LIVE the story and encounter God!

 Discover answers to these questions:

  • What were Einstein’s comments on Western education?
  • What is God’s definition of “knowing”?
  • What does God say is our goal as we teach?
  • Why are there 1400 verses on “heart” and “spirit” and only 100 on “mind”?
  • What does God say is the role of the heart and mind in knowing?
  • How do we “reason together with God” (Isa. 1:18), practically speaking?
  • Why did Watchman Nee say that “pictures are the Holy Spirit memory?”
  • What is God’s prescribed system for discovering truth?
  • What are some practical ways to be a Spirit-anointed teacher?
  • How do we ride the wave of the Spirit as we lead an anointed discussion?

Let’s do it right! Learn to draw people into encounters with the Living God!

Wrong instruction produces: Right instruction produces:
1.  Law, condemnation 1.  Spirit life, freedom
2.  Pride, arrogance, rebellion 2.  Meekness, humility, unity
3.  Striving, weakness 3.  Supernatural power, divine strength
4.  Heaviness, depression 4.  Lightness, joy

Recommended Supplemental Reading:

Course Materials

The required text for this course will be delivered to you in the course itself via downloadable ZIP file. This text is Spirit Anointed Teaching, which is a seminar guide booklet by the Virkners, a husband and wife ministry team. We chose this text for our First Steps 101 course because it will help us to actively unlearn several key points with regard to what is now considered traditional education models, and replace them with proper Biblical distinctions. You will receive access to this foundational course within 24 hours of enrollment.

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