Faculty ~ Academic Adviser: Dr. Jonathan Lane

Dr. Jonathan Lane hails from Wheatland in the Northwest and is an Ordained Minister with The United New Testament Church, Int. and Alumni at Trinity Evangelical Christian University’s Graduate School of Theology, where he earned his Doctorate in Divinity Studies.

Dr. Lane is the project coordinator for Dr. Wesley Rose Memorial Library where he is working with our Professor Emeritus in building this library dedicated to the studies and work of Dr. Rose that will be a treasure trove of Theological and Historical studies for the students here and the worldwide ministry that is UNTCI.

In addition, Dr. Lane is the Academic Adviser for TECU’s School of Theology students.

The Academic Advisers at TECU are assigned to “partner” with the student during their entire course or track of study in order to be the person of experience to help lead the student through the expectations of the school as well as ensure they remain on pace and are not only learning the material but considering ways it will impact their ministries and lives as intended. The Academic Adviser also serves as their advocate in their submissions for grade and review, having the honor and responsibility in making the first recommendations to the Provost for the final grade and degree conference.

Students can contact Dr. Lane at: drlane1@outlook.com

Dr. Lane