Oxford Method ™ Christian Apologetics Degree Program Enrollment: Associate of Christian Apologetics

Enrollment Details:

The Associate Degree from TECU is not a study “program” that the student can enroll in. We start all of our post-secondary students at the Bachelor level believing this to be most appropriate for the way our study tracks are designed. However, we also recognize that sometimes “life” gets in the way of our plans and God moves us into places where we must make sacrifices. If a student who is currently enrolled in a TECU Oxford Method™ Self Study Bachelor Degree program finds themselves “halfway” or more and unable to complete the rest for reasons beyond their control, they may request consideration for the issuance of an Associate’s Degree through their Academic Adviser, provided they have completed the equivalent of at least 60 credits to include the core curriculum text(s).

The TECU Associate Degree earner retains the right and privilege to re-enroll in the Bachelor Degree Program and use their previously submitted work as the foundation for completion of their Bachelor’s Study.

In order to claim your Associate’s Degree:

  1. Your Academic Adviser must first be advised of your decision and agree that this course of action is best and appropriate for your situation.
  2. Your Academic Adviser will then send you an email acknowledging your conversation with a recommendation that you make your application for the Associate’s Degree in “Christian Apologetics” instead of remaining and seeking the Bachelor Degree.
  3. You will then forward that email adding your own letter to the Provost that contains the following:
    1. Your full name
    2. Your student number
    3. Your enrollment date
    4. The course work titles you have completed
    5. Your official request to apply for an Associate’s Degree and withdrawing as a Bachelor Candidate.
  4. Attach your completed work intended for review for the Associate Degree as a single PDF
  5. Send the email forward to dr.fifer@outlook.com
  6. A notification of receipt will be sent to you by reply email – The review and degree conference procedure remains the same as for all other programs.

Trinity has been empowering workers in the field for Christ since 1999, and we aren’t going anywhere. We are the official private Christian Distance Learning Seminary of the United New Testament Church, International, and we verify all degrees for potential employers.

As we are a private religious seminary, enrollment in TECU is open only to members of The United New Testament Church, International Ministry Association.  While you are a student at TECU and / or The Seminary you are enrolled as a member of the UNTCI fellowship, you must remain in “Good Standing” at all times. Your annual Ministry Association membership must be maintained throughout the duration of your enrollment at TECU. The active online fellowship, support and connectivity of the Body of Christ are integral to your educational growth at TECU.



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