Professor Emeritus & Senior Research Fellow: Dr. Wesley Rose

Introductory Biography of Dr. Wesley Rose, Professor Emeritus and Senior Research Fellow at Trinity Evangelical Christian University
By: Dr. Jonathan Lane, TECU Graduate School of Theology

Dr. Wesley Rose, our Professor Emeritus and Senior Research Fellow at Trinity Evangelical Christian University has a wide educational background having earned doctorates degrees in
Divinity, Theology, and Early Christian History. He is currently a doctoral candidate in Historical Theology and Applied Apologetics. The many schools Dr. Rose attended in the past include: Appalachian State University, University of Missouri, Georgia Military Academy, University of Stuttgart Germany, University of Hawaii, University of New Mexico, and University of Maryland among others.
Dr. Rose has conducted field research in Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Israel, Turkey, and Greece, but is probably best known through his cooperative project at the Archaeological Site in Ireland “The Black Friary excavation” as well as his work with The University of Crete on dig sites in South Dakota, New Mexico, Missouri, and Kansas.
Dr. Rose also taught electronics at Keesler AFR for five years, at Air University and The Air Force Academy after earning his Teaching Certification in 1988.
Dr. Rose has served as Interim Pastor of the Church at Camp Doha, Kuwait and as a volunteer Chaplain for the US Army in two tours of Southwest Asia and in five theaters of war.
Dr. Rose has published 9 books, written over 600 book reviews, 30 course critiques, 51 Courses, and published numerous articles.
A list of his published books include:
• ”He Touched Me”
• ”Warriors of the Fantasy Realm”
• ”Christian Antiquity”
• ”The Ghost Dance and Other Banned Ceremonies”
• ”Search for the Q Factor in Tunnel Diodes”
• ”Historical Theology with Applied Apologetics”
• ”19th Century Christianity in America” is nearing completion.

Dr. Wesley Rose

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