Provost: Rev. Dr. C. Joseph Fifer

Rev. Dr. C. Joseph Fifer, Provost here at Trinity Evangelical Christian University, was appointed January 1, 2015 succeeding Rev. Dr. Thurnace York who served the first 15 years of this Seminary.

Dr. Fifer has been a lifelong learner both in the academic world, having studied at Sienna Heights University, Northwest State College, University of Louisville, Trinity College of the Bible, and Trinity Evangelical Christian University; and experiential with The Marine Corps Institute, Naval Investigative Service Schools, Institute of Police Technology and Management, Southern Police Institute, and a Muhlenberg Studies Candidate as Diakonos and Vicar.

Dr. Fifer has degrees in Theology and Ethics, Divinity and Liturgical Studies, and Hermeneutics. He is an Ordained Minister currently with The United New Testament Church, and former called Pastor to Junction Bible Christian Church, having also served in the denominational church as Eucharistic Minister, Deacon, Vicar, and Assisting Minister.

The Doctor has been quoted as saying, ” I count every moment at the “table” with those of the church around me who took the time to raise me up as part of my learning. As the Apostle Paul found as more and more was revealed to him, all that I thought I knew and all that I took the time to learn and excel at was nothing except preparation for learning what really matters. The relationship with Jesus Christ!”


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