Student & Alumni Career & Counseling Services

We are now offering a new service to our Students & Alumni of TECU.  We have partnered with a 3rd party ministry – Crossroads Career Network – to give you full assistance in creating and updating your ministry resume (resumes may differ depending on career, most people have 2 resumes for thier professional work and one for ministry experience), direct employment & volunteer opportunities, student counseling services, chat, prayer requests & much more!

Sign up by going to:

  2. Under “Select Ministry Affiliation” click on the box, then proceed to scroll down in alphebetical order under ‘T’ you will see our seminary “Trinity Evangelical Christian University” click on that.
  3. Proceed to finish answering all of the questions on the online form.
  4. Click on the capatcha where it says “I’m not a robot” to confirm yourself.
  5. Click in the box where it says “Yes, I agree.”
  6. Finally click once on the button “Register.”


If you have any questions regarding this new service; please contact our Office of Career & Student Counseling at: DRLANE1@OUTLOOK.COM