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Summer Session Tuition Match Grant for Continuing Studies

Summer Session

Tuition Match Grant

For Continuing Education

Available NOW through August

email the Provost at: dr.fifer@outlook.com

  • Tell him which Oxford Method Degree Program you want to enroll in.
  • Receive from his office your enrollment code to use during the enrollment process.
  • Enter the code during checkout and watch half of your tuition get “taken care of”!

TECU “stuff” is great for showing off a bit

Take pride in your school!

  • The “Standard Logo” TECU coffee cup is available right now!
  • Simple and well made so it feels good in your hand and looks good on your desk or table.
  • TECU’s “Twisted Cross” Logo and Motto is beautifully displayed for all to see.
  • Easy to purchase…

“Click” Here: http://untci.org/giving-center/

  • Make a gift contribution of $25.00 through the “One Time Gift” option
  • Make a copy of the receipt that is generated from this transaction
  • Send us an email with the receipt copy attached w/ “TECU Standard Mug” as the subject line

Be sure to include your name and good delivery address

Please allow 10 to 14 days for delivery

  • We will send you an order confirmation that will include shipping / tracking information

Watch for more “stuff” coming soon…


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