The Basics…

Before you begin your educational journey at TECU, there are some basic understandings that will be unilaterally applied during your enrollment. We understand many points are basic, but they bear outlining here for the purposes of preparation and clarity:

  • TECU Students must be Members in Good Standing of the United New Testament Ministry Association, Inc. with a minimum Associate Level Fellowship. It is the student’s responsibility to maintain this annual membership in good standing throughout their education at TECU. Interaction & healthy fellowship within the Body of Christ as an active member of this international ministry community are an essential part of your seminary education. The friendships and mentoring received will be invaluable to your success.
  • TECU is a private religious university dedicated to educating the members and ministers of the United New Testament Ministry Association, Inc. We offer strictly non-secular, religious degrees in support of our ministry.
  • TECU Students must have easy access to the use of a relatively modern computer with internet access, to include speakers (or headphones) and microphone. Select course activities may also require the use of a webcam for teleconferencing.
  • TECU Students must have modern web browser software installed, providing the capability to easily access the TECU website.
  • TECU Students must have the capability to enroll and submit tuition safely online (debit card, credit card, checking account, prepaid credit card available at most local stores, etc.). Due to excessive returned items in the past from national and international students, we no longer accept personal checks as tuition.
  • TECU Students must be able to view PDF files, video files and other multimedia distributed through the TECU website.
  • TECU Students must be capable of managing their own account login information.

The following prerequisites must be completed by every TECU student, as evidenced by a basic requirement submission, defined specifically in each detailed listing. These universal prerequisites must only be completed ONCE during the lifetime of any student.

No certification or degree will be issued by TECU to a candidate who does not have an approved basic requirement submission on file for each of the following Required Universal Prerequisites:


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