The Five Biblical Methods of Learning


The five Biblical / Hebraic methods of learning are:

S/No  Heb  Word  Purpose Category Scripture Reading


1 אלף Alef to learn by yoking Association Proverbs 22:24,25 Oxen were very important to desert dwellers as a source of power, much as the tractor is to the modern farmer today. The Hebrew word for an ox is “eleph”. A closely related word is “alaph” meaning; “to yoke together” When two oxen were placed together in a yoke for plowing, an older more experienced ox is placed alongside a younger inexperienced ox. The younger would then learn by associationand example from the older. Hence, the word eleph can also mean “to associate with” or “to learn by example”. A man yoked to another will learn by example from the other. A child will also learn from his parents only by observing the actions of the parent. This can be either in a positive or in a negative way
2 למד Lamed to learn by goading Instruction Dvarim 4:10 The lamed is the staff of a shepherd used to direct and control the flock. The verb lamed means “to direct” or “to learn or to train, to skill to instruct by showing the direction”. Remember the day you stood before YHWH your Elohim at Horev, when he said to me, “Assemble the people before me to hear my words so that they maylearn [lamad] to revere me as long as they live in the land and may teach [lamad] them to their children.”
3 ירה Yarah to learn by pointing Direction Shemuel Alef 20:20; Shemot 15:24, 25; 24:12 “yarah” meaning, “to throw” such as a rock or arrow; watering, rain, set, teaches.This can also be a figurative “throwing of the finger”; It can also mean “to learn by pointing out the way”.It is the responsibility of the parent to point the way to the children. This means all acspects of life, by pointing the way to God, a career, a moral lifestyle, etc. When a rock is shot from a sling, it is shot at a target. likewise, the direction which a parents points out to his children must be at a target. This target is always obedience to God.
4 שׁנן Shanan to learn by sharpening Skills Dvarim 6:6-7; 32:41 This word literally means “to make pointed, or to sharpen” such as a knife or sword.A dull knife will not cut. Hence, we take our knife and sharpen it on a stone so that it will be ready to perform the work it must do properly. This sharpening process is careful and sometimes time consuming. “Shanan” can also refer to the careful sharpening of your childrens skills.
5 יסר Yasar to learn by chastisment Discipline Proverbs 29:17 The word “yasar” literally means “to turn the head” or “to turn to another direction”. This word can be translated as chastise or discipline. 
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