The Trinity Crest

A detailed account of the meaning behind Trinity’s Crest:

Starting from the top… we are Trinity Evangelical Christian University – words chosen to honor the Triune Being of God (Trinity), our distinct calling to outreach (Evangelical) and to make no mistake as to the Lord we serve (Christian).

The knight’s helmet is meant to symbolize that we are all spiritual warriors, protected by the full armor of God.

The field colors maroon, gold, silver and white were each chosen for very specific and intricate reasons:

Maroon – symbolic of courage, bravery and strength. This ministry courageously followed the call to use the internet for God’s glory, despite some fairly well known stereotypes brought about by “online ministries” that have come before us. (God has – and continues to – bless  us mightily for answering that call!)

Gold – symbolic of royalty, purity and abundance. At the time of the creation of our crest, we had faith in the purity of this calling, and chose gold as both a symbol of the spiritual abundance we faithfully desired to bring about by honoring and exalting the priesthood of all believers, as well as a way of honoring the Eternal Royalty of the Lord we serve.

Silver – symbolic of reliability, modesty, dignity, maturity. Silver was chosen for our crest to signify that we do adhere to sound Christian doctrine, and strive for dignity in our work for Christ. Specifically, it was chosen to note that we strive to ordain and credential fellow Christian servants, for Christian work. We endeavor to stand out as a ministry that will be here in 20-50-100 years, God willing, still honoring the priesthood of all believers
with dignity in a confused and misinformed world.

White – symbolic of priesthood, purity, simplicity, peace, humility. We chose white to also have a dual meaning in our crest… it represents both the “white as snow” state of our souls when we are washed clean of sin by
God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ, as well as the indication that every believer is a man (or woman) “of the cloth”, because Christ said so.

The symbols included in our crest are (clockwise from the top):

The Cross inside of the Crown – signifying our honor, recognition and exaltation of Christ as King.

The Chi Rho with the Alpha and Omega – Chi and Rho are the first two letters of Christ in Greek, and the superimposing of one over the other is one of the oldest symbols used in Christianity. The Alpha and Omega – the beginning and the end, as quoted from scripture. This symbol, in our reference here, honors Christ as the beginning and the end of all we are as a ministry.

The Holy Bible – signifying our faith that the Holy Bible is the divinely inspired, living, breathing Word of God. 

The triqueta or “Trinity Knot” – signifying & glorifying the Holy Trinity in our crest, honoring our Namesake. The unbroken circle represents eternity. The interwoven nature of the symbol denotes the indivisibility and
equality of the Holy Trinity. It symbolizes that we worship three beings of power, honor, and glory – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – but all are indivisibly one God.

Lions holding up the Crown in the center – this is the one thing that is personal to Dr. Weyant and her family, as the founders of this ministry. This was actually drawn directly from the Weyant family crest, and is used here to
symbolize two lions (representing dauntless courage) holding up the Crown of Christ above the Throne of Grace.

The Banner – The words in the banner at the bottom of Trinity’s Crest are “By His Grace Alone”. Pretty self-explanatory on its surface, but also indicates our belief that the only education that truly matters happens within the Grace-covered believer through the work of the Holy Spirit.

The Grape Leaves / Vine – Trinity’s crest rests on a green (alive) vine to signify that we endeavor to be known by our fruit.

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