UNTCI PMC™ Enrollment: Certified Professional Youth Minister

Professional Ministry Certification: One-time enrollment contribution of $249 + Annual CEU

Enrollment Details: Trinity Evangelical Christian University currently offers several complete UNTCI PMC™ Professional Ministry Certification Programs for our Ministers. Our programs of study are all-inclusive, and require annual ongoing CEU Credits for maintenance of professional ministry standards. Trinity has been empowering workers in the field for Christ since 1999, and we aren’t going anywhere. We are the official private Christian Distance Learning Seminary of

the United New Testament Church, International, and we verify all PMC™ Professional Ministry Certifications for potential employers.

As we are a private religious seminary, enrollment in TECU is open only to members of The United New Testament Church, International Ministry Association. Please ensure you have at least the minimum active Associate Membership before proceeding. Your annual Ministry Association membership must be maintained throughout the duration of your enrollment at TECU. The active online fellowship, support and connectivity of the Body of Christ are integral to your educational growth at TECU.

In order to earn your UNTCI PMC™ Professional Ministry Certification, you must follow these steps, in order:

1) Complete the Required Prerequisites: First Steps 101 and First Steps 201Each student at TECU must complete these short Required Prerequisite Courses before proceeding with their education. The Required Prerequisites are foundational to our educational approach, and to your success as a student. You do not have to take them at each educational level – they simply must only be completed once before entering our educational system.

2) Enroll Now: 

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3) Purchase the Required Texts from the Online Campus Bookstore. See “Required Texts” section below.

4) Complete the following for Each Required Text for your specific CertificationAll papers should be prepared according to the APA Style Manual, and free of grammatical or spelling errors.

a) Write a three to five page essay, comprised of one to two paragraph summaries of each chapter of the individual Required Text. (Note: Some texts may require the essay to go beyond five pages, which is fine. The main point being that a summary of each chapter must be included in the essay.)

b) Write a one to two page essay describing how the individual Required Text may be beneficial to you in your personal life and Christian ministry.

c ) Repeat these requirements for EACH of the Required Texts for your chosen Degree. DO NOT upload these to the Ministry office individually – they must be contained in ONE PDF document. (Click here for a FREE PDF writer)

d) Once you have completed ALL Requirements, they must be sent as an email attachment to the Student Affairs Office (studentaffairs @ trinitycampus dot org) in PDF format. The file MUST be named like this: YOURFIRSTINITIAL.YOURLASTNAME.YOURCERTIFICATION.pdf (Example:

5) Within 2-4 weeks from the date we receive your Candidacy Submission, your submission is reviewed, your Certification is declared, and your Certificate & supporting documents will be shipped to you. As a matter of established internal record-keeping standards, your Certification date will be documented as the date recorded on your submission email.

Your Certification is not processed until after your enrollment contribution has been received and your candidacy document has been submitted.

All enrollment contributions go directly to the advancement of online educational outreaches of The United New Testament Church, International and are non-refundable.

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