When do I Graduate?


Many of our Certificate Programs, CEU Programs and Ministry Certification Programs offer full-color, verifiable digital certificates of completion immediately after you complete the work. This is swiftly becoming the distance education standard, and we are very proud to be among those institutions leading the way.


Our Degree Programs are a bit different, as your work must be manually reviewed, graded and in the case of our CLEPP™ Degree Programs, calculated and assigned credit hours.


Degrees are awarded Quarterly as follows:

All work completed and submitted in January, February or March: Degree Awarded in the month of April

All work completed and submitted in April, May or June: Degree Awarded in the month of July

All work completed and submitted in July, August or September: Degree Awarded in the month of October

All work completed and submitted in October, November or December: Degree Awarded in the month of January

Graduation Ceremonies are held annually for those on track to graduate withn that calendar year or for those who previously graduated and did not get to attend the ceremony for their year.  Details of the annual ceremony are provided to each student as they are finalized annually.

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Dr. Nicole Weyant is the Founder of The United New Testament Church, International Ministry Association.

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  1. Could someone contact me to help me navigate the website? I am ordained and have an active membership for the next year, but cannot access anything. I will click on a link and it doesn’t open for me. I wanted to look into educational opportunities but couldn’t. I am just confused over the changes in the past ten years. Can someone help me? Rev. Kathy Shattler

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